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  • Nowby is doing much better

    Posted by: CatGuy on Wednesday/March 05/2008 - 07:10 PM
    Nowbys Blog 
    The new Nowby still likes the toy
    It's been almost 4 months since we recovered Nowby, and she's doing much better now. She is still skittish, but not as much. She still won't jump on the couch to hang out with us like before but she will hang around nearby. She also likes to rub herself against our legs. She would also hang out and play with Puffy like in the past, and has become more aggressive when it comes to food. Nowby is definitely not kitten-size anymore- although we haven't had....

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    Nowby is even less scared

    Posted by: CatGuy on Saturday/January 26/2008 - 04:28 AM
    Nowbys Blog 
    Just like the old times!
    I am now able to OCASSIONALLY pet Nowby on her head with my hand while she is not eating. 3 out of 4 times, however, she will shy away from my slowly approaching fingers. She is also now using her favorite scratcher, the WhiskerCity Play Cavern Scratcher. At night she will lay on the living room couch- though she hides behind another couch most of the time during the day. Another encouraging sign is how Nowby and Puffy are playing again. Just like before they play....

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    I was able to pet Nowby

    Posted by: CatGuy on Monday/January 07/2008 - 04:17 AM
    Nowbys Blog 
    I was able to pet Nowby tonight as she at a little pouch of tuna I opened. She's still apprehensive but there's definitely steady improvement. I have also observed Nowby sniff Penny's tail and sniff at Puffy. She's also played with a tennis ball and the dog's leash. Slowly but surely Nowby is feeling more comfortable again!

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    Nowby Shows Improvement

    Posted by: CatGuy on Monday/December 31/2007 - 02:05 AM
    Nowbys Blog 
    Nowby is still very afraid of us but it seems that she is getting more comfortable. She rolled over, attacked the aquarium, and played with Penny's leash- all in front of us. Still whenever we moved close she would scurry away or hide her entire body behind the curtains. She is also vocalizing less now which is a good sign.

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    Nowby the Cat is Still Frightened but Improving a Little

    Posted by: CatGuy on Thursday/December 27/2007 - 04:53 PM
    Nowbys Blog 
    Nowby is still timid and scared but not as bad. She will now actually comfortable showing her body when at the living room window. But whenever she goes from one hiding place to another she does so in a frantic manner still. Yesterday, however, I was able to give her a tiny piece of salmon on my finger while she was hiding underneath the couch. She is meowing less now but still is vocalizing quite frequently. Another good sign is that she seems to be using the Litter Robot again.

    Also today....

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    Still Scared

    Posted by: CatGuy on Monday/December 17/2007 - 10:25 PM
    Nowbys Blog 
    Nowby is still hiding either in one of the bathrooms or underneath one of our couches. We've stopped trying to get close to her and pet her so that she doesn't keep getting frightened. Last night she leaped to a 8 1/2 ft. high window ledge in a bathroom, perhaps in hopes of getting back out. The cat is now meowing incessantly at the living room window. But it's good that she's eating. We're taking her to the vet tomorrow morning for a physical.

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    Nowby the Lost Cat

    Posted by: CatGuy on Sunday/December 16/2007 - 03:49 AM
    Nowbys Blog 
    Nowby 4 months ago
    A little more than 3 weeks ago we went on a one week vacation and had a pet/house sitter to take care of our pets, including Puffy and Nowby, the proud product testers of the site. To our horror, when we returned, we found out that the pet sitter had accidentally let Nowby out the FIRST DAY of our vacation.... It was horrific news, especially since Nowby has a collar with a bell, and that she had never been outside. Plus the temperature had dropped to about freezing at times.


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    Litter Robot Review

    Posted by: CatGuy on Friday/October 05/2007 - 07:06 PM
    Cat Prod Reviews 
    The Litter Robot is a self-cleaning litter "box" from Automated Pet Care Products, Inc. The version reviewed here is actually the "Litter Robot II"- I'm not sure what the improvements were over the original LitterRobot. I bought it from for $299 after reading some positive reviews. I was a little skeptical since my previous automatic cat litter cleaner did not perform as I expected, but the Litter Robot turned out to be a great buy.

    The shape of the Litter Robot is actually not very box-like. The cat enters the Litter Robot....

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    How to Train Your Cat to Scratch Her Cat Scratcher

    Posted by: CatGuy on Wednesday/August 29/2007 - 12:48 AM
    Cat Training Tips 
    To encourage your cat to scratch the scratcher you bought for her, firstly the scratcher must be appealing to the cat. If she never claws the scratcher despite the scratcher being accessible, then you might want to consider getting another one. Personally I had luck with sisal-rope hanging scratchers and scratchers that are elevated at an angle to the ground.

    Once you have a scratcher that your cat will use, you want to set it at a place where you can monitor it, and have some of your cat's favorite treats close....

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    Ziway/TLC Cat-N-Mouse Cat Toy Review

    Posted by: CatGuy on Wednesday/July 18/2007 - 09:37 PM
    Cat Toy Reviews 
    The TLC Cat-N-Mouse Cat Toy takes an interesting spin (pun intended) on cat toys. The toy is circular and measures about 9.5" in diameter. Inside is a 2.5" furry toy mouse connected to the center of the toy via a spoke. With a little nudge the mouse will appear to "run" or "float" its way around the track. My cats were definitely very interested with the toy, and every swipe of their paw that connects launches the toy mouse spinning around the track. That action will prompt even more "attacks" and attempts....

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    WhiskerCity Play Cavern Scratcher Review

    Posted by: CatGuy on Friday/July 06/2007 - 10:12 PM
    Cat Toy Reviews 
    The WhiskerCity Play Cavern Scratcher resembles a mini-skateboard ramp. It is basically a cardboard box cat scratcher elevated at a 35-ish degree angle, with a "cavern" with 3 "entrances" on the sides. Also included in the package is a small bag of catnip that you can sprinkle on the scratcher or inside the cavern. Inside the mini-cave is a Mylar ball suspended by a string to encourage cats to enter and swat it around.

    The shiny Mylar ball certainly got the attention of my cats. They take turns clawing and punching at it.


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